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(Without Going To A Gym) 

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My Name Is Jeff Drock MS, CSCS and over the past 20+ years I have improved the tennis specific fitness levels of hundreds of competitive players.   I have worked with top 100 ranked touring pros, Grand Slam Junior Champions, World Junior Champions, National Junior Champions, State Champions, and those simply looking to improve their fitness for local tournaments, league play, or senior events. These days I am perhaps most well-known in the world of tennis as being the former strength and conditioning coach for Teen Tennis Phenom Cori “Coco” Gauff (8-14).   

What is the Cost of the 4-Week Program Consisting of 50+ Tennis Specific Fitness Training Drills?

$299? NO! 

Limited Time Only Price:   $149.00 

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This is a 50 page ebook consisting of 50 illustrated drills with a detailed explanation of each drill and a tennis specific 4-Week training Program that you can do on your own and without a bunch of expensive equipment. (agility cones/tennis balls/mat)

The following shows a few examples of the (50+) tennis specific drills with explanations that are included:

60(3 balls)/80(4 balls)/100(5 balls) yard ball return drill-place 3, 4, or 5 balls on the doubles sideline, sprint from the opposite alley and bring each ball back to the alley (bend at the legs not the lower back








1,2,3,4 (On line quickness)– feet step on and off of the line in a 1,2,3,4 pattern as quickly as possible *this is usually timed for between 10-30 seconds and reps are counted each time both feet have touched the line


Spider run-Place a ball at each singles sideline/baseline intersection, balls placed at the singles sideline/service line intersections, and a ball placed at the service line T, (5 balls total) In a counterclockwise manner, pick up each ball and bring it back to a 2 yd x 2 yd area behind the baseline T)







Small Box run-service line box is used (run one direction and then the other while facing forwards the entire time and using shuffle steps when going laterally)






















  • Short Agility (5-10 seconds) top speed and direction changes
  • Medium agility (15-25 seconds) speed, direction changes, and anaerobic endurance
  • Long agility(30 seconds to 1 minute) anaerobic endurance and direction changes
  • Reactional agility react to cues quickly (can be used with short, med, or long agility drills)
  • Quickness small fast footwork movements for better positioning to the ball
  • Anaerobic endurance training repeated runs usually between 800 meters and not
    shorter than 200 meters with short rest periods
  • Anaerobic Speed Training repeated runs usually between 50 meters and not greater
    than 400 meters with longer rest periods
  • Power  speed times strength-racket speed and 1st step explosion
  • Leg strengthening keep lower body, explosive and fresh
  • Upper body strengthening hit balls harder and handle opponents pace better
  • Core Strengthening rotational power allows one to hit the ball harder for all strokes
  • Speed measure of how fast you can run to one ball in a straight line

Get IMMEDIATE access to my comprehensive “Superfittennis” guide and 4 week tennis specific training block! 

What is the Cost?

 $299? NO! 

Limited Time Only Price:   $149.00

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Train The Right Way! 

Most tennis players spend months and even years doing tough fitness training that is unfortunately not specific to tennis and has “Zero Transference To Their Tennis.” If you or someone you know is going nowhere with their fitness “like a Gerbil on a wheel”  and not noticeably improving tennis specific physical conditioning every 3-4 weeks, then it is necessary to quit that  current training and move to Boca Raton, Florida to train with me. Another perhaps more viable option is to give this extremely affordable and comprehensive 4-week tennis training program I created a go.

Note: To better assess if you fall into the “Gerbil on a Wheel Category” you must scroll down to just past the example agility drills section below ….. Clues That Your Current Physical Training Is Not Helping Your Tennis Include The Following:

If You Are Not Getting Great Results With Your Fitness Or Especially If You Fall Into The “Gerbil On A Wheel” category…………You Really Need To Give This No Excuses 4-Week Program (Training Block) A Shot!  

NOTE: An exercise mat and some agility cones are all you really need. (Note: We don’t recommend tennis balls as markers because stepping on one may cause severe ankle injury.

Clues That A Current Fitness Training For Tennis May Not Be Working: 

Player may be able to get to more short balls, but they miss the shot because they never worked on how to appropriately decelerate and set up for the shot appropriately.

Player Can’t hit the ball harder or handle pace better. Are they serving harder and returning better? (Strength has to be functionally built from the ground up)

Player might get a bit faster but if agility, deceleration, quickness, mobility, stability, and balance for tennis are not appropriately addressed then they are not going to hit a higher amount of quality shots.

  Does the player have the appropriate leg strength to recover faster/more explosively back to the center of the court.

   Does the player do tons of leg training but still can’t bend their knees for strokes or perhaps even while in the ready position. (Very common and if the training is not specific to the function you can scream at them until you are dead but they still will never ever bend their knees.)                    

Can the player create space from balls hit at them. This is both a skill and a strength issue. You can yell at them to create space all day long and it is not happening

 Does the player still get tired during practices, long matches, or long tournaments

Note: If you are actually improving your fitness level for tennis then keep training exactly as you are and pat yourself and your fitness coaches on the back because you are one of the rare few!!! If you have not seen visible improvement and are just like more than 97% of everyone else taking part in a fitness for tennis program then do something about it!
If you are one of those players who have learned beautiful technique but can use a bit more tennis conditioning, then try out my awesome “SuperfitTennis” program/4 week training block immediately! This is a no brainer! What are you waiting for?

Hello Serious Tennis Enthusiast,

It is no big secret that people come from all over the world to train with me, but some simply cannot come to Florida and do personalized training with me. I wanted to do something special for those who wanted to train with me, but could not. 

Since 1998, players I worked with have won a combined total of more than 50 Supernational Gold Ball Titles and over 10 World Titles! 

Get IMMEDIATE access to my comprehensive “Superfittennis” guide and 4 week tennis specific training block now! 

What is the Cost?

 $599 ? NO!     $399 ? NO!     $299? NO! 

Limited Time Only Price:   $149.00

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I am not going to give you some phony baloney song and dance about how this fitness for tennis program can produce a miracle. That is certainly not my style. If you are a state ranked player, there is no possible way that you are going to achieve a world ranking at the end of this 4-week program. But…With some hard work and adherence to the program details you will be able to significantly improve your capability to work harder and have less fatigue during  your practices and matches. Heck, we all know that technical training and practice sessions are the true foundation of every high level tennis player and it is not unusual for players to work on their technique and practice (4) or more hours a day.

What in the world does physical training have to do with technical training?


Just think of it this way… If you want to be less tired, move better for, and be “MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE” during your technical training, practice sessions, and of course during your matches then you absolutely MUST improve your physical condition!

Honestly Ask yourself the following:

How much of my tennis technical training time is truly productive? 75%? 50%? 25%?

Some parents, players, and even some coaches do not think about the fact  that a better conditioned player is much more capable of focusing and performing at their highest level during technical and practice sessions.

I can personally attest to the fact that many tennis players practice 3-4+ hours a day, but how much of that time is spent working intensely? 

It Is Your Choice: Fitness Can Be A Liability Or A Weapon!

A tennis players physical weaknesses and needs must be addressed the right way if a player wants to get to the next level. In order to be mentally tough, you must be physically dominant on the tennis court! 

 Do you want to go from…………………………….. A state ranking to a national ranking? A national ranking to a world ranking? A world ranking to a professional ranking?

Have you ever lost a tennis match because you did not recover physically and mentally from the previous match that you played?

Have you ever lost a tennis match because you were placed in defensive positions too often and were incapable of running down balls effectively?

Have you ever lost a tennis match because you could not handle your opponent’s pace?
Have you ever been injured while playing tennis?

Do you want to improve your speed to the ball and put yourself in offensive positions more often?

Do you want to feel fresher at the end of matches and tournaments?

Do you want to hit the ball harder and with less effort?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions  then you really need to Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my comprehensive “Superfittennis” guide and 4 week tennis specific training block now! 

$599? NO! $499? NO! $399? NO! $299? NO! The Following is for a Limited TimePrice: $149.00

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I will readily admit that I do not in the least know how to do the following:
I do not know how to change the oil in my car!
I do not know how to change a tire!
I do not know how to tie my own tie!
I do not know how to catch a fish!
I do not know how to shoot a basketball correctly!
I do not know how to shuffle a deck of cards!
I do not know how to find anyplace! (thank goodness GPS)
I do not know how to hook up an entertainment center or even a VCR!
I do not know how to sew a button!
I do not know how to play golf!
And there are a zillion other things that I do not know how to do………..
Heck… until a few years ago I did not even know how to replace a light bulb!

…but because of my numerous educational and real world experiences, I know exactly how to safely and effectively improve one’s fitness for tennis!

I know exactly how to test/evaluate players in order to find their strengths and weaknesses.
I know which exercises to choose.
I know how many exercises each players should do per workout.
I know how many sets players should do per exercise.
I know how long a player should rest between sets.
I know how many reps players should perform for each set.
I know how many days a week a players should do fitness.
I know when players should train.
I know how to schedule workouts depending on how intense one’s tennis training is.
I know how to add variety to workouts and make things both challenging, interesting, and maybe even fun. (fun? Maybe I am pushing that one!)
I know how long a training session should last.
I know how to get players to peak for major events.
I know if I am over or under training a player.
I know how to raise the bar and bring players to higher levels.
I know how to focus on injury prevention.
I have personally come across an incredible number of tennis players who have taken part in fitness programs that they believe will increase their fitness for tennis.
Unfortunately, most players train incorrectly and are either staying at exactly the same fitness level, “GERBILING” decrease their fitness level, or become injured.

If you can come to South Florida, I can provide you with some
INSANELY EFFECTIVE TRAINING that I will customize for your particular strengths, weaknesses, age, ability, style of play and needs.

Do you need to peak for a particular tournament or event?
Are you going for a great scholarship?
Are you wanting to maximize your fitness for tennis level?

If you answered YES to any of the above,

then a personalized program is something that you may seriously want to consider.
Please make sure that you schedule with me at least 1 month in advance.
Contact (Jeff Drock MS, CSCS)


I Get Proven Results!!!

Improve your tennis specific fitness level with my 4-week tennis specific program, 50 tennis specific drills, detailed explanations of how to perform each and every drills, and detailed explanation of what each drill will improve.

 $299? NO!

The Following is for a Limited Time

Price: $149.00


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Note: You can also send me an email: and Venmo me at Jeff Drock