“Jeff Drock is without a doubt the best in the business. He is been able to assist Nestor and Nicole for the past few years in a way no one else has before. His professionalism and knowledge of conditioning training for tennis is like no other one. Nestor and Nicole’s tennis has taken a whole new level thanks to Jeff.”

Nestor Briceno - Sr. Director of Nestor Briceno Tennis Academy

(Nestor Briceno Jr. #1 USTA 18’s, #51 ITF, Eddie Herr 18’s ITF Finalist, Easter Bowl 18’s Finalist, Supernational 18’s Clay Court Champion, Florida Gator Nationally ranked player) (Nicole Briceno top 50 national junior ranking and starter for University of Alabama and SMU)

“My daughters have worked with several fitness coaches in the past. Jeff Drock is the best footwork and movement coach for tennis. He has been the fitness coach for all three of my daughters who have all won world championships while working with Jeff. Through his movement training, they were all taught how to move properly and comfortably around the tennis court. He also helped them with their strength. Nicole (Pitts) won the Jr. Orange Bowl 14’s, Alicia “Tornado” Black won the 16’s Eddie Herr (at age 13), and Hurricane “Tyra” Black won the Jr. Orange Bowl 12’s title. Besides that, the girls have won multiple national championships in several different age divisions while working with Jeff.”

Gayal Pitts

(Mother of 3 world champion tennis-playing daughters with 20+ years of experience at being a tennis mom, manager, and coach)

“Both of our daughters, Margaret and Charlotte Owensby, have worked extensively with Jeff Drock. Jeff understands, better than most, tennis-specific fitness and the crucial elements of proper on-court footwork and movement. In addition to tennis-specific strength training, we really appreciate Jeff’s focus on strength training for injury prevention. Through his frequent presence at our daughters’ practices and tournaments, Jeff sees firsthand what aspects of their game need focus. Such off-the-clock support is crucial yet very rare to find. Jeff, and the work he does, is a crucial part of any high-level player’s development.”

Charles and Jennifer Owensby

(Charlotte Owensby #1 USTA National Ranking in 12’s and 14’s, Junior Orange Bowl 12’s Semifinalist,Eddie Herr 12’s Doubles World Champion, Easter Bowl 14’s National Champion, represented her country(USA) and member of the world champion United States 12 and under team and 14 and Under United States World Champion teams, holds record for most little mo national and world championships)

" Jeff has been an amazing S and C (strength and conditioning) and tennis-specific footwork coach for my daughter Cori,  She was always fast but working with Jeff has taking her game and speed to another level.  With Jeff’s guidance, Cori has significantly improved her balance, agility, and movement. He focuses specifically on physical conditioning for tennis which makes his results outstanding."

Corey Gauff

Gauff (Cori “Coco” Gauff’s Father) At the age of 10, Cori became the youngest USTA Supernational 12’s champion, Junior Orange Bowl 12’s World Champion, Eddie Herr 12’s Doubles World Champion, represented her country and member of the world champion United States 12 and under team and 14 and Under United States World Champion teams, US Open Junior Finalist Age 13, French Open Junior Grand Slam Champion and #1 ITF ranking at age 14)

Jeff assisted my son Ty when he was playing in the 12 and under division and then again when he was a bit older(16yr-18yr) and preparing for ITF Junior and Supernational Events. Ty has long limbs so Jeff certainly made injury prevention a priority. Ty stayed injury-free, got stronger, and smoothed out his agility while working with Jeff. With Jeff’s help he was able to get to #26 ITF, was 2 years in a row a boys 18’s singles Semifinalist at Kalamazoo. In the ITF  juniors, he beat two players who were ranked #1 ITF when he played them (Yuki Bhambri and Di Wu) Had a significant win over Jerzy Janowitz ."

Todd Trombetta

Director of Trombetta Tennis Academy, Father of Ty Trombetta ranked #26 ITF and 2x Boys 18’s Semifinalist at Kalamazoo, #600 ATP)

“Jeff’s work is extremely detailed and precise. He finds out the specific needs of his players and then brings up their weaknesses. When Beier began training with Jeff, her ranking was #102 ITF and it went up to #18 ITF within six months. Beier became much stronger and faster around the court. I recommend players who want to improve to see Jeff.”

Pamela Ko

Mother of Beier Ko- #1 player for Junior Fed Cup Champion Canada 16’s team, Eddie Herr 16’s World Champion, Member Canadian Womens Fed Cup team, Canadian National Champion, #14 ITF, Quarterfinalist Australian Open Juniors, Harvard’s #1 player

“I have seen first-hand the positive results of Jeff Drock’personal training of several nationally and world ranked junior tennis players. Jeff takes the players he trains with to the next level in terms of mental toughness, physical fitness, endurance, speed, and agility. Moreover Jeff cares about the players he trains. I have seen him do training and improve the physical strength of Krysty Marcio, Nestor Briceno, Nicole Briceno, Holden Seguso, Viju George, and Marlon Korbut.”

Jim Martz

(Editor Florida Tennis and Legal Guardian for Marlon Korbut)

Jeff is a one of a kind fitness coach. He gets to know the athlete and his or her body before tailoring workouts to pinpoint areas of focus. Every workout with Jeff is extremely detailed and tennis specific, whether it’s on court, in the gym, or on the track. The only thing better than hearing about Jeff is actually working with him.  He brings out the best in me as a competitor.

Grace Min

#97 WTA Tour (ranking while working with her)

“Jeff’s training has had a profound effect on my son, Ronan’s tennis. He understands and appreciates the concept of injury prevention and structures his fitness training programs very meticulously. Ronan has benefitted immensely from Jeff’s tennis specific agility and strength training routines.” 

Roshan Jachuck

(Father of Ronan Jachuck boys 14’s USTA Supernational Doubles Champion and Singles Finalist/age 13 won the ITF Trinidad 18’s title and at the age of 14 won the ITF Barbados 18’s title/Eddie Herr 14’s World Champion-Doubles, Florida State 16’s Champion at age 14, ITF World Ranking Top 150, Has Signed with Harvard)

“Thank you Jeff for all you have done for Steven. Since working with you he has made great improvement for his footwork and he is much stronger. Steven became #1 in the USTA 12’s and then the 14’s while training with Jeff. Steven also won the Supernational 12’s and then the Supernational 14’s championships while training and improving with Jeff. At the age of 13 he won the 14’s national championship and was able to beat bigger kids due to being faster and having more strength.  He did not win a national championship prior to training with Jeff Drock.”

Helen Sun

(Steven Sun’s mom) Steven Sun #1 USTA Boys 12’s #1 USTA 14’s Usta Boys 12’s SuperNational Champion/Boys 14’s Supernational Champion (Represented US in junior world cup 14’s)

“During my junior tennis playing days, I had the privilege of working with Jeff Drock. His workouts helped to significantly build up my speed, strength, and endurance. This helped me build a base and sufficiently prepare me for the Junior Grand Slams, other ITF Events and college tennis.”  

Megan Falcon

(NCAA Division 1 #1 ranked Collegiate player-One of LSU’s all-time great athletes, ITF Juniors #59 with significant junior wins against Dominika Cibulkova, Shuai Peng, and Shahar Peer)

My son Matt Rodriguez has been working with Jeff Drock and the results are fantastic.   Matt’s significantly improved movement, strength, stamina, and competitiveness on the court has enabled him to compete with and beat some of the top juniors in the United States. Matt has had private fitness trainers in the past, but Jeff is the first trainer to actually get Matt enthusiastic about fitness. Jeff’s workouts are very challenging but they are very specific to the players individual needs and specific for tennis.  With a strong tennis playing background and a Master’s Degree in Sport Behavior and Performance,  Jeff is certainly no ordinary trainer.  Jeff combines his knowledge of how a person’s body naturally changes with age and incorporates it into the tennis fitness program that he specificallycreates for the individual.  In my case, Jeff works closely with my son’s tennis coach to ensure success. Tthe drills are interesting, very challenging, and actually have an element of fun in them.  I cannot say enough good things about Jeff.   His professionalism, integrity, and his willingness to help beyond the normally scheduled training session is exemplary.

Judi Rodriguez

(Mother of Matt Rodriguez, Boy’s 16’s National Open Champion)

“Within one year of strength training with Jeff, my weight went from 155 to 162 lbs of muscle. That may not sound like a lot but I hit the ball much harder and I got faster around the court. The tough physical training also helped my mental toughness during matches. During the time that I’ve trained with Jeff, my ranking has improved from # 47 ITF to #4 ITF (world ranking of 18 and under players.”)

Chris Kwon

(#4 ITF/Yucatan Cup Grade A Champion/significant win versus Gael Monfils 10-8 in the 3rd set Roehampton )

“Working with Jeff Drock has given me tremendous improvement with my stamina and footwork. I am a tall player So footwork plus speed is sometimes a problem. His training has put back confidence in my serve and volley game. I recommend Jeff’s training program to any player who is serious about pushing their game to the next level. By the way, Jeff did help me prevent shoulder injury and simultaneously helped me put some more pace onto my serve. I was able to clock a 141 mile-per-hour serve to win the world fast serve championship.”

B.J. Donnely

World Fast Serve Champion….141 MPH National Fast Serve Challenge World Champion (2007)

 “Without Jeff’s mental and physical strength training program Alex would not have had the results that he has had. His mental and physical strength have improved tremendously.”

Dr. Dan Cojanu

(Alex Cojanu #55 USTA, High School State Champion, 4th Round Kalamazoo, Nationally Ranked player at William and Mary)

“I have brought my players to many top fitness coaches in the world.  Jeff Drock is the guy who knows how to make his fitness training translate to actually performing better on the tennis court.”

Sean Abdolani

(WTA Tour Coach and coach of world ranked junior players and touring professionals)

“ I have been working with Jeff Drock throughout my transition from juniors to playing tournaments at the pro level. The pro level is much more demanding physically and working with Jeff has allowed me to build confidence in my fitness that I didn’t have previously. He is very meticulous in designing programs that are specific to the areas I need most improvement in. The workouts we do have made my footwork and balance on the court more precise and efficient. Also, the increases in my muscle strength and cardio have given me a strong trust in my physical abilities, thanks to Jeff.”

Maddy Bourguignon

(WTA Tour Player, Top 100 ITF ranking, Girls 14’s National Clay Court Champion)